The Wright line


Keegan Wright is fresh off a status quo-wrecking 2017 season, piling on the enduro podiums and turning plenty of necks by winning the New Zealand Elite Downhill National Championship against a stacked lineup of World Cup movers and shakers. Here, Keegan faces off against some equally formidable characters—a pack of fierce Maori warriors. Their spear-wielding Wero challenge marks the beginning of a ceremonial Powhiri greeting. And passing the test means a ticket to ride. It’s a blessing this New Zealand native puts to good use across Rotorua’s raw, rugged trail systems. This multipart series has Keegan test-driving his new Spartan across a few favorite trails, while showing you some of NZ’s best riding terrain.

Getting acquainted with the locals. Loincloth, not included.
More tangled roots and moss per square inch than, well, anywhere. Welcome to NZ.
Pure stoke. Everything’s all right these days for Mr. Wright.
Spartan vs. bulldozer—despite the contrasting paintjobs, surprisingly similar horsepower.